Who is SilkRoute?

For centuries, the greatest trade route in history, known as the Silk Route, allowed the transmission of cultures between the European and Asian provinces. This great route spanned 7000 miles across two continents and culturally fused the World. From the bazaars of Bombay, to the foothills of the Himalayas, SilkRoute offers up a wide variety of amazing items, like the trade route offered the merchants of Asia and Europe many centuries ago.

SilkRoute International began in 1979 as a small retail store in the heart of San Francisco. Founder and owner, Abdul Ibrahimi created a lasting name and impression with a loyal clientele, and numerous celebrities purchasing his one of a kind finds. After 25 years of success with SilkRoute, Abdul and his wife Frozahn looked to expand the business after gauging its popularity. They moved to San Leandro, CA and opened a 70,000 square foot showroom warehouse and decided to make their treasures available solely in wholesale markets. The success of the business is due to a commitment of excellence to customers, many of whom have become close friends over the years.

SilkRoute International imports antiques, hand woven rugs, antique and new furniture, lighting and accessories from Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil, China, India, Nepal, Peru, Pakistan, Philippines, Tibet and, of course, the USA. Seven months out of the year, Abdul and Frozahn travel the world to hand select each fabulous piece. Whatever the country of origin, the story behind how each piece was discovered and how the relationship with the factory was formed is always unique.

Every piece SilkRoute offers is hand-made by local artists who put an extraordinary amount time (and love) into each piece. SilkRoute focuses on finding as many reclaimed pieces as possible, and loves the idea of turning the old into the new. The goal is to be a one stop shop; featuring items from almost every category, in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, and everything in between. The family is constantly on the move, traveling to find the next unique "must have" product, and building relationships based on love, trust, and honesty.

When the team visits the villages, the people like to come and show off the items they have made, or show the old merchandise they have in their family that they would like to sell. Sharing their food, learning about their culture, getting to know these families is not work, it is pure joy. Seeing the families in these remote villages that benefit from their association with SilkRoute, the lives touched, and changed for the better, and the pride the craftsmen take in creating pieces that are coveted by consumers, brings joy to many faces. In fact, every time a product is sold, 10 families are able to support themselves. At that point, it is not about money, it is about how many families are helped and how many jobs are created.

Abdul and Frozahn would like to thank everyone who has shown support, anyone who has ever touched SilkRoute in any way, and each and every person who has contributed to the success of SilkRoute.

Let's continue to shop the world!