Siddartha Collection

These pieces are the embodiment of elegance. Handmade of acacia with a walnut finish, some of the objects include intricate carvings while others feature gorgeous inlays that serve to add color and contrast. The items are polished to perfection by local Indian craftspeople to create a smooth finish by that feels exquisite to the touch. The unique light coloring of the wood will draw you in and brighten up any setting. Silk Route International imports antiques, hand woven rugs, antique and new furniture, lighting and accessories from Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Phillipines, Tibet, and of course, the USA. Seven months out of the year, owners Abdul and Ferozan travel the world to hand select each eclectically unique piece of furniture and accessories. Shop our amazing collections of carefully curated, quality crafted accessories, lighting, furniture and more.